Essex Dance Schools - Boot Camp

Once a year pupils from all the schools have the opportunity to come away on bootcamp for a few days. Within the last two years we have traveled to Herefordshire and Malden. During these few days away the pupils have the chance to try many different genres of dance. We train in everything from street dance through to rock n roll and lyrical. Amongst the joys of training in many different dance styles whilst on the trip, we also play many games, have fancy dress parties and even barbeques.
This is a fantastic experience and we have a great response each year to the activities we participate in.
Our next bootcamp is booked for 19TH OF DECEMBER - 22ND OF DECEMBER 2008. We will be traveling to Herefordshire to stay in huge manor house with lots of acres of land and an indoor heated swimming pool all for our use. This will be our first Christmas bootcamp.